canon m50 tips

Important Canon m50 tips to Get the Best Experience

The Canon M50 has become one of the best cameras for anyone who is looking for a smooth, worry-free experience.  We have named it one of the Best Compact Cameras for Product Photography. This more or less started the legacy of small but capable cameras for Canon and even after so many years, the camera has managed to deliver the performance that a lot of people crave and look for in affordable cameras.

The best part is that despite being an affordable offering, the camera more than delivers on almost all the fronts, allowing you to have the type of experience you want to have without spending all your savings. However, if you have just gotten your hands on it, and you are looking for some important Canon M50 tips, you are at the right place as we are going to get started with the tips that will drastically help you in the overall use case.

The best part is that none of this is going to be difficult, so you are more than in good hands. With the formalities out of the way, let’s start talking about some of the Canon M50 tips that will eventually help you have a wonderful overall experience going forward.

Canon M50 Tips

How Do I Get the Most Out of My Canon M50?

There is no denying that the Canon M50 is one of the best cameras for the price you are paying, to be honest. I have seen a lot of cameras in my life and not a lot of them manage to strike the balance like Canon’s M50 does. Sure, it used a new EF-M mount but it actually worked and the camera was able to also use older mounts by just using an inexpensive converter and still getting all the native lens and camera features.

So, what’s so good about the Canon M50 and how can one get everything out of it, to begin with. A lot of people ask us about how they can get the most out of their Canon M50 and to be honest, it is not something that is going to be complicated.

Still, for those who are still in a rut and trying to figure this out, we are going to guide you through it.

1- Shoot Manual

I do understand that this is going to be an overwhelming thing for a lot of people but the reason why I suggest everyone to shoot manual is that it really helps everyone develop their style of photography and truly get the experience they are trying to achieve.

Sure, there is a steep learning curve, especially if this is your first camera but if you have been wanting to learn the tips and tricks of photography, going through the process of manual shooting is something that will always help you without any issues that might otherwise come in the way.

Overall, if you have just bought a camera and you truly want to hone your skills, I would highly advise that you are shooting a manual so you can truly experience the fun there is in photography. Again, time does not matter because the more time you spend on the camera, the more you will end up learning.

canon m50 sky shoot

2- Choose the Right Lens

I will be honest and straightforward here. A lens is something that will either make or break your experience with whatever camera you are getting. To make this even clearer, my first camera was the Canon 80D and at that time, it was one of the most legendary cameras that one could buy, for all the right reasons. It delivered exceptional performance, had a lot of features for the camera of that era, and was excellent overall in both videos and pictures. However, there was one thing with that camera that bugged me a lot and that was the fact that the camera was paired with a kit lens. Now, if you do not know much about a kit lens, it simply is something that comes with the camera and is usually really, really bad. The moment I paired the camera with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, my whole world-view and the experience with the camera changed.

The reason behind this anecdote is that no matter which camera you own, a good lens can easily make the camera into an absolute beast of a performer, and a bad lens can make you want to just get rid of your camera right away. Speaking of lenses, if you are using the Canon M50 and looking for something good, I would highly suggest you check out the round up I did for the best lenses for canon m50 so that can help you pick the right option. Also, I have reviewed perfect gimbals for it as well.

3- Experiment with the Settings

Okay, I get it that most people are going to be overwhelmed by this but the moment you take your camera out of the box and plug it in, you will be welcomed by a heap of settings that you might not easily understand. This happens all the time and to be honest, dealing with something like this is not at all difficult.

The best thing that you can do here is to keep yourself updated as you will have a much easier time with the situation. Now, I would highly suggest that you are experimenting with the settings of the camera so you can find the ones that you think are best for you.

Why am I saying that? After being a photographer for years and running into several photographers, one thing I did realize is that everyone is going to have their own preference in terms of how they want the camera to be set. This impacts the overall photography experience, of course. But it genuinely is the right thing to do.

canon m50 tips

The Best Canon M50 Settings

I am going, to be honest here. I have seen so many people struggle with various cameras just when you are in the process of getting things ready and setting them up. Honestly, after spending some time with various cameras, I have come to a conclusion that the best settings are the ones that you are going to have to do yourself.

Why? Well, every user has a different preference. For instance, I like my camera screen as clean as possible and I want to have a complete control over everything so things just work for me. On the same camera, some might have an issue with an empty screen, and granular control and want to experiment with their own styles.

What I would advise to everyone here is that you go through the process of setting the camera up the way you see fit. Develop a style and preference on your own and you will be able to take the full control of your camera without ever running into complications.

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Why is My Canon M50 Screen Going Black?

One of the most common issues that a lot of people go through when you are talking about modern cameras is the fact that they go through the issue of the screen going black. However, the funniest part here is that this is not really an issue, and more of a feature but considering how most people do not go through fine print or do not read all the details, this thing happens commonly.

If your Canon M50’s screen is going black but not something that is permanent, the chances are that you are only experiencing the proximity sensor doing its work. Yes, the camera has a proximity that turns the screen off as soon as something covers the sensor.

If you want to turn the proximity sensor off, however. All you have to do is go to the Menu, then head over to SET UP4 > Display Settings > Display Control, and then set that to manual. There you have it, you have just turned off the M50’s proximity sensor, which means that your camera screen will no longer go black.

How to Fix the Canon M50 Screen Blinking?

Moving further, another thing that a lot of people talk about when it is the Canon M50 is that a lot of times, people run into issues with the screen blinking or flickering. At first, it might be a worrisome issue but it really is not. The reason why the screen flickers is that there is a chance that there might be some dust and debris on the proximity sensor of the camera, a scary thought, I know. But you can just go ahead and clean that up and also clean the viewfinder and you are all good to go.

There is going to take some time getting this sorted but the more you focus on this, the better it would be, to begin with. However, if the screen is still flickering, I would highly suggest that you get the camera looked at by a certified Canon professional because it could very well be an issue with the display ribbon cable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Taking good pictures with the Canon M50 is not at all difficult as it is one of the most capable cameras. You just have to go ahead and use a good lens, choose your settings and you are good to go.

The good thing is that the Canon M50 is by default an excellent camera. You do need a good lens like a 50mm but once you are equipped with this stuff, you are all sorted.

Yes, the Canon M50 is an excellent camera for photography for beginners and people of intermediate levels. You need a good lens and you are off to the races.


I am fully aware of the fact that for a lot of people, getting the right camera is a difficult thing, and setting the camera up is even more so. However, with enough knowledge about hardware and what needs to be done, you are good to go.

Thankfully, the Canon M50 tips are going to help you get the most out of your camera, and what’s even more impressive is that these tips will help you use the camera the way you want to. So, even if you do follow them, you are not missing out on all the fun that you can have with the camera.

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