Give New Life to Your Camera with the Best Gimbals for Nikon D500

Despite being old, the Nikon D500 serves as one of the best cameras thanks to a really good set of features. However, the camera does lack image stabilization, making it less than ideal for handheld video work. This is where one would start thinking about buying a good gimbal for the camera and really making the most of it.

Best Gimbals for Nikon D500

If you are in the market searching for the best gimbal for Nikon D500, you are at the right place as we are looking at this roundup and all the good gimbals that you can use for the camera. Before we get started, I can already recommend you the DJI RS 2 as it is the definitive gimbal for your Nikon D500 and the experience is unmatched.

DJI RS 2 – Best Overall Gimbal

The DJI RS 2 is one of the flagship gimbals from DJI known for its excellent performance and feature set.

Every now and then we get to see a gimbal that makes a statement of not pulling any punches and while we do expect to see some duds, it is safe to say that DJI is a company that has never really disappointed and the same can be said about the gimbal that I am looking at right now.

Yes, the gimbal in my attention happens to be the DJI RS 2 which is not just the best overall gimbal in this list but an excellent piece of equipment for your Nikon D500. If you are in search of a gimbal that is going to deliver great overall performance, this is the way to go.

One of the things to love about this gimbal is how it is small and lightweight; this tells a lot about a gimbal that is inherently made for some heavy work. You are also looking for a boatload of features that you can use for your convenience and that too, without being let down.

The setting up process remains one of the best in terms of functionality and intuitiveness, to a point that you are not going to get better functionality with something else. You are also getting very easy to get through the setup process and the screen on this gimbal is helpful.

My favorite thing about the DJI RS 2 is the fact that it does not pull any punches in terms of the feature set as DJI has made sure it has enough features to keep everyone entertained.

My only concern with this gimbal is that the battery life is not as good as I had expected.

Honestly, normally, it is easy to find issues with all the gimbals in the market but the way that DJI RS2 is different is simple, the pros easily outweigh the cons and that is something that I love about it here.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Small, lightweight, and sturdy.
  • Has a lot of advanced features.
  • One of the best screens on a gimbal.


  • Battery life is average.
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DJI Ronin S – Best Gimbal for Beginners

The gimbal works really, really well for almost every case and produces stable footage every time.

The first gimbal that we are looking at is coming from DJI and honestly, this should not be a surprise for anyone since DJI has a history of delivering some excellent gimbals, and well, that has not changed at all, either. For the longest time, you are looking at some excellent offerings from the company and that does not seem to change, either.

For now, we are looking at the DJI Ronin S, an impressive and powerful gimbal that delivers good performance overall, and if you want something for your Nikon D500 or any other camera, for that matter. This is the gimbal that one should be investing in. Of course, you are not getting all the features at the same time but hey, you are still looking at respectable gimbal, to say the least.

Let’s begin with the fact that this is one of the easiest to use gimbals that you can find in the market. The setting up process is one of the easiest and it is like taking a walk in the park, and well, this makes this gimbal a great buy.

You are also looking at the fact that this gimbal comes with some really good features such as remote camera operation allowing you to shoot video without any issues. You can even use follow focus, however, that feature strictly depends on the camera model.

Moving further, with the DJI Ronin-S, you are also getting one of the most effective stabilizations in terms of the gimbal and the way it operates. So, if you do want something that is good and delivers exceptionally well performance, this is the way to go.

Sure, there are a few downsides that you are going to get with this gimbal. The power brick that DJI includes with this gimbal could have been better and we would have loved to see support for more camera and lens combinations.

Overall, I would say that the DJI Ronin-S is one of the best gimbals available in the market, and you are not going to be let down by how good it works. I can honestly tell you that this gimbal is not going to let you down at all.


  • One of the most stabilized and effective video solutions.
  • You are getting a gimbal with easy setup and calibration.
  • The remote camera operation and follow focus are amazing to use.


  • The power brick could use some improvement.
  • Support for additional camera models and lenses would be appreciated.
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Zhiyun Crane 3S – Best Gimbal for Filmmakers

This gimbal is an excellent offering for all filmmakers looking for some serious hardware.

Zhiyun is one of the companies that surprised us the most when they decided to come out with their line of gimbals. The reason behind this is rather simple, to be honest. After DJI’s successful tenure in the market, one would not be able to hope that we would see a competitor but Zhiyun easily proved everyone wrong.

With that said, the Zhiyun Crane 3S is still one of the best gimbals available in the market and if you want to invest in something that is excellent in terms of how it is going to perform, then you are looking at it right here.

There is a lot to love about this gimbal right here but it is up to me to tell you about it right away. If you are wondering if this gimbal is going to be suitable for people who don’t want to carry it around for a longer time, then that is not it.

However, we do have a lot to love here. For starters, you are getting a 6.5kg payload support, which means that it does not matter which camera/lens combination you are rocking, in almost all cases, this gimbal is going to get the job done and do it just fine and without issues.

Additionally, to make things easier for everyone, the gimbal also brings a dual-carrying option which makes it easier for you to move around and that too, without any complications.

One thing that I do love about the Zhiyun Crane 3S is that it actually is powerful enough to a point that you can stabilize cine gear on this gimbal without running into any issues.

Although I do love a lot about this gimbal, there are a few things that I would mention. For starters, it does get heavy for handheld use, something that I mentioned before, too. Also, some controls are not as conveniently placed as one would like and that can come in the way.

Simply put, the Zhiyun Crane 3S is definitely the gimbal that you should be going for if you have some serious heavy duty work that is needed. However, the good thing is that even if you are looking for some entry level, basic work, then this gimbal is going to do the job just fine.


  • Comes with dual carrying options.
  • Can easily support 6.5kgs of payload.
  • Has enough power for managing cinema gear.


  • Awkward placement of controls.
  • Can be heavy when used handheld.
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MOZA Air 2 – Best Entry Level Gimbal

The MOZA Air 2 is an excellent gimbal for anyone who is just starting out and wants a solid purchase.

Not everyone has to go for a higher end gimbal each time they are in the market. I am saying that it is more than okay to go with something that is more affordable and well, the market has a lot to offer to everyone and the same is the case here as well since you can easily get some affordable offerings, too.

Of course, I am talking about the MOZA Air 2; I know the first time I did look at this gimbal, there was a lot of doubt that circled my mind but after using it for some time, I figured out that the gimbal is excellent in the way it works and best part is that it does bring some high end features but without costing the same money.

Still, if you want an affordable solution that will give you some of the smoothest videos all the while being handheld, this gimbal is it and you will not be disappointed by how it works. So, investing in this gimbal does make a lot of sense.

With that said, the gimbal is also surprisingly lightweight and at just 1.6kg, it can easily be controlled with a single hand if you can go ahead with it. However, the lighter weight does not mean that the build quality is average because it is the exact opposite as you are getting solid build quality overall and you are not going to regret it, either.

You are also getting your hands on a gimbal that can easily manage to stabilize most of the DSLR and lens combinations and of course, the same goes for mirrorless and lens combinations. Therefore, there is nothing much to worry about in terms of the performance.

Honestly, after using this gimbal for some time, I can easily tell you that there is nothing about this gimbal that I think is wrong. Sure, it did take me some time getting used to it but the overall performance remains stellar, and you would be happy to know that it is not going to let you down.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by just how good the MOZA Air 2 is; it just works and works really well in terms of the overall performance. Definitely, not something that is going to let you down and that is what we live for.


  • Lightweight and sturdy build quality.
  • Can easily stabilize most lens/camera combinations.
  • One of the affordable solutions for smooth and handheld videos.


  • Can be overwhelming for newcomers.
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DJI Ronin SC – Best Lightweight Gimbal

The DJI Ronin SC is a lightweight gimbal with some really strong and compelling features.

There is no shortage of heavy-duty gimbals in the market that requires you to use them with two hands. However, when the consumers realized that you can actually use a gimbal with a single hand, the demand for single-handed and lightweight gimbals comparatively increased, and well, for all the right reasons, too. Thankfully, there are many companies out there that are listening to the consumer demands and this does not change here, either.

With DJI stepping out and bringing out the DJI Ronin SC, which is a lot more like the DJI Ronin S but the best part here is that you are looking at a gimbal that is comparatively smaller and works really well, too. Overall, you are looking at a gimbal that is not going to complicate the situation for you. But is it any good?

Honestly, the fact that this gimbal is delivering almost all the features that the Ronin S is delivering but at a smaller size and a lower price tag, it is impressive to say the least. However, this is not at all the only selling point that you are getting with this gimbal.

You are also looking at smooth and stabilized tracking shots, which allow for a much better and smoother experience that is not going to let anyone down, to be honest.

Moving further, I absolutely love the 3-axis locking setup that makes the whole set up process easy. This is one of the best features that DJI could add to a gimbal and should become an industry standard at this point considering how intuitive it is.

You are also getting some pretty neat smartphone features that make the overall usability of this gimbal a lot better and you are not going to honestly run into any issues, either. If you are searching for some really good options, this is the way to go.

Moving onto the downsides, I did not really run into any issues with this gimbal. However, I would mention that putting it back into the case can be challenging but that is only going to be happening in the start as you get used to how it works.

In conclusion, if you are searching for a good gimbal, you have to understand that you are looking at a very effective offering that is not going to let you down. The DJI Ronin SC works the way it is supposed to and happens to be one of the best gimbals available in the market for its price and will complement the Nikon D500 really well.


  • Excellent stabilization.
  • 3-axis locks make the setup easier.
  • There are several advanced smartphone features.
  • Comparable to the Ronin S but with a smaller size and a smaller price.


  • Can be difficult to put back in the case.
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Zhiyun Crane 2S – Best Zhiyun Gimbal

The Zhiyun Crane 2S is an excellent gimbal that you can start using without worrying too much about the setup.

We are nearing the end of the list and we still have some really good gimbals that you can go for, and well, Zhiyun is making a return to the list and why shouldn’t it? The company has delivered some excellent gimbals over the past couple of years and they continue to do so even today.

Sure, the Zhiyun Crane 2S is an older gimbal but that does not mean that when you actually start looking at the performance, this is one of the better gimbals in terms of the overall performance and hey, it is often available at some pretty nice discount, too. But is there more? That is what we are going to focus on.

For starters, the Zhiyun Crane 2S is easily capable of stabilizing most mirrorless and SLR cameras with good lens combinations, too. This gives us great freedom of usability and you are not really going to have any issues.

You are also getting the chance with a gimbal that can easily be balanced, which is an excellent thing to be honest because this way, you really do not have to worry that you might not be able to get the functionality or ease of access you want.

Additionally, the gimbal also brings vertical video mounting options which in my opinion is one of the best features that you can hope for in a gimbal and using it as an absolute treat.

One more thing to love about the Zhiyun Crane 2S is the fact that it has swappable batteries, which just makes it so much easier to use the gimbal in general and that too, without any complications. The USB Type-C charging option is another thing that we love here.

For those who are always looking for more and more features, the gimbal does present you with 360-degree roll and the ability to add additional accessories that give you access to new and exciting features such as follow focus and more.

However, the gimbal being packed with all sorts of features does have some shortcomings. For starters, you will be needing tools to set up the gimbal and disassemble it. Additionally, it is on the bulkier side, as well.

Simply put, the Zhiyun Crane 2S presents itself as one of the best gimbals that you can buy at the time of writing, and regardless of the camera model you own, you are looking at top of the line performance and that too, without any hiccups.


  • Easily balances itself.
  • Swappable batteries are great.
  • Vertical video mounting options.
  • USB Type-C charging is a godsend.
  • 360-degree roll and other amazing features.
  • Excellent for the majority of camera/lens combinations.


  • Can be a bit heavier.
  • You will need tools to set up the gimbal and take it apart.
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DJI RSC 2 – Best Folding Gimbal

The DJI RSC 2 is a compact gimbal with the ability to fold for easier carrying

The last gimbal that I am about to review should not come as a surprise to anyone as we are looking at something that is not just from DJI but also something that we have seen previously and every time I revisit this gimbal, I find myself in awe as to just how good it is in terms of the overall performance.

With that said, the DJI RSC 2 is an impressive gimbal as it brings a smart folding design which easily has become the highlight of this gimbal. I normally do not get to see this feature on a lot of gimbals and therefore, this gimbal does look great in terms of functionality.

Thankfully, the stabilization provided by this gimbal is another highlight and you will not be let down by how it works overall. You are also looking at the fact that the gimbal does bring support for 14-hour battery life and has USB charging, too.

Not to forget, there is also the support for full-frame payload, so if you do want to go ahead and put your camera/lens combination, you can do so without any worries. The automatic 360-degree roll is another benefit that you can get.

Honestly, my only issue with this gimbal is that finding the right balance here is not something that one can become an expert on as it takes some time.

Overall, you are looking at an exceptionally well-designed gimbal with a lot of advanced features that will make your overall use a lot easier and more intuitive.


  • Smooth stabilization.
  • 14-hour battery with USB charging
  • Has a smart design that folds easily.
  • Can easily handle full-frame payloads.
  • Automatic 360-degree roll and other advanced features.


  • Finding the perfect balance can take some time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, thanks to some of the best features including an amazing autofocusing system, the Nikon D500 is still an excellent camera.

Any gimbal that is easily capable of handling a full-frame payload will be more than capable for DSLRs such as the Nikon D500.

Choosing a gimbal should not be a complicated process. You just have to look at something that fits your requirements and go with it.


The Nikon D500 still makes up for an excellent camera and if you genuinely are looking for a good gimbal for that camera, you are at the right place. We looked through some of the best gimbals for the Nikon D500 to ensure that all the readers get access to what they want.

The round up focuses on the best offerings that are available in the market so you are not really going to run into any issues that might come in the way otherwise.

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