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The Best Gimbals for Nikon D7500 for Buttery Smooth Footage

Considering the needs of modern-day videographers, gimbals are something that has become a lot more common than they used to be, and honestly, there is not much wrong with it, either. However, buying the right gimbal can be a tricky process if you are new to the market because, with so many options, you have to ask yourself just what exactly are you going to go for.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of these magical tools; whether you are searching for the best gimbal for Nikon D750 or some other camera, for that matter. There is plenty to go around with and the overall experience is not going to be crippled, either.

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Best Gimbals for Nikon D7500

For now, we are just going to focus on all the gimbals that we think are excellent for the Nikon D7500; after all, such a good camera does deserve a good gimbal. The best gimbal for the Nikon D7500 is the DJI Ronin S or the DJI Ronin S2, both of them being excellent at what they do.

Editor’s Pick

DJI Ronin-S – Best Overall Gimbal

The excellent stabilization ability and the strong motor make the DJI Ronin-S different from all others making it the best overall gimbal on this list.

I really should not come as a surprise to anyone but DJI more or less perfected the gimbal market by themselves. Sure, that also allowed several other companies to jump on the bandwagon but if you are discussing the OG gimbal manufacturers, then the award goes to DJI for the amazing stability that we have seen in their other equipment, as well.

The DJI Ronin-S is something that is excellent for people who are not looking to put a massive payload on a gimbal. Still, it is strong enough to hold something like a Nikon D7500 equipped with one of the best lenses. But is the DJI Ronin-S good enough? That is what we are going to talk about.

Now, the great thing that you are getting here is that the stabilization on this Nikon d7500 compatible gimbal is excellent to the point that it is not going to create any issues for you. The gimbal motors are also brilliant and they are strong, allowing the Ronin-S to easily carry the payloads without breaking.

The favorite bit that I get from this gimbal is the fact that you are getting access to onboard focusing and shutter controls which is only going to make your experience a lot simpler and straightforward, to be honest.

The gimbal itself is simple to use, and that is despite being loaded with advanced features. It is also one of the most customizable offerings available and the companion app does deliver everything that you need.

Last but not least, the long battery life is another thing that you are going to love about this gimbal.

As far as the downsides are concerned, I really don’t think there is much wrong with this gimbal, to be honest. The list of compatible cameras might be a small one but DJI already knew and they have provided a full list and other options for different cameras.

Overall, the DJI Ronin-S easily makes up for one of the most DJI Ronin-S gimbals for not just the Nikon D7500 but for other cameras as well and will definitely be well suited to everyone.


  • Great battery life.
  • Has excellent stabilization.
  • The gimbal is simple to use.
  • Excellent customization options.
  • The gimbal motors are strong and sturdy.
  • The onboard focusing and shutter controls are excellent.


  • Limited camera support.
  • Slightly heavier for some users.
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Zhiyun Crane 2 – Best Runner Up

Zhiyun Crane 2 is specially made to handle heavier cameras. It comes with a brilliant OLED display and ease of access.

The company that surprised everyone with their gimbals was Zhiyun as a lot of us were not really expecting something that could easily rival the offerings that DJI has released in the market and honestly, I am not really disappointed because you are still getting access to some of the most powerful gimbals in the market that are really competitive and have all the features.

The Zhiyun Crane 2 is just another example of an excellent gimbal that you cannot really go wrong with. I would say that it is from a company that is not that well known but that would be wrong as Zhiyun has made quite a name for themselves in the market and for all the right reasons.

With that said, the Zhiyun Crane 2 is an excellent gimbal that is easily capable of handling heavier payloads without really faltering under the load. It is also built like a tank so, if you are stressed that you might not be able to handle things the right way, there is not really a lot to worry about.

The excellent battery life is another thing that I do love about the gimbal because the gimbal in the past would deliver average battery life and honestly, that was an entirely separate nuisance that one would have to deal with.

Zhiyun-Crane 2 - Manfrotto video tripod plate

Another thing that I love about the Zhiyun Crane 2 is the fact that you are getting an excellent OLED display that shows all the statistics that you are going to need. So, if you do need access to the information, it will be readily available.

Let’s not forget the fact that the Zhiyun Crane 2 comes with a Manfrotto video tripod plate that allows the users to quickly shift the camera to other devices. A very underrated but useful feature that I love about this gimbal.

Where I do love this gimbal a lot, I do have to admit one small flaw – the gimbal does not offer focus control for non-Canon cameras, and for that, you have to spend extra money.

Overall, the Zhiyun Crane 2 is an excellent gimbal and that is one thing that you cannot really take away from this gimbal. However, at the same time, a small issue for non-Canon cameras is there but if you are okay with that, then this makes up for an amazing gimbal.


  • The Battery life is excellent.
  • Excellent and smooth stabilization.
  • The gimbal can easily handle heavier cameras.
  • The OLED display is gorgeous and very useful.
  • Comes with a Manfrotto video tripod plate for easier overall usability.


  • No focus control option for non-canon cameras.
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MOZA Air 2 – Best Affordable Gimbal

Moza Air 2 is one of the most affordable gimbals on the market. It comes with a strong body and is compatible with most cameras.

I still clearly remember the time when gimbals used to be expensive. However, things have changed drastically to the point that modern-day gimbals becoming more and more accessible for the masses, to a point that you really do not have to stress over getting something that is not good or will not deliver the performance you are looking for.

Thankfully, you can easily find some amazing options and the MOZA Air 2 is just one of them as it is one of the more affordable gimbals in the market and well, for all the right reasons as you are getting a good performance out of this gimbal that is not restricting at all and gets the job done just fine.

Assuming that you are in the market for something that is affordable and will deliver good performance, the MOZA Air 2 is the one that you should be going for. It is excellent when all you want is something that is affordable and you want to make smooth handheld videos.

You are also getting a gimbal that is going to easily manage most of the DSLR and lens combinations, making sure that the money that you are spending is not going to waste. A lot of the time, the gimbals we do see in the market do the opposite, and well, we don’t really want that now, do we?

As far as the downsides are concerned, I don’t really think that there is something that is majorly wrong with the gimbal, to be honest. However, I do have to mention that the gimbal does take some time to get used to. While it is not going to be an issue for people who have used gimbals in the past, for newcomers, it might be an issue.

Overall, the MOZA Air 2 is an excellent offering for a great price, to be honest. Most of the time, you are not really going to get the same level of price and this many features. So, if you are in the market for the best bang for the buck, picking this up is the right way to go.


  • Solid and sturdy build quality.
  • Great for smooth and handheld video.
  • One of the most affordable solutions in the market.
  • Easily stabilizes for most DSLR and lens combos.


  • Takes some time to get used to for beginners.
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DJI Ronin-SC – Best Portable Gimbal

Ronin SC is easy to use is light in its weight as well and can handle most cameras.

One simply cannot deny the fact that when it comes to gimbals, DJI does have a lot of experience in the market and they are always making something that works really, really well. So, it should not come as a surprise that they know what they are doing. This means that if you do want a good and affordable gimbal, DJI does have something for you.

The DJI Ronin-SC is just that and more; the company made this gimbal with portability in mind and honestly, it works really well for how portable the gimbal actually is. To a point that you really do not feel like being in an issue where you are going to have a hard time carrying this around as it is easy to use and very simple.

Still, I am going to touch on some of the good things about this gimbal. For starters, it is one of the lightest gimbals in the market, which is always something that people appreciate whenever they are in the market for a gimbal.

Not only that, but the fact that you are going to use this gimbal with a lot of ease when you are trying to get the best results is just another great thing here. I mean, you are not really going to run into any issues as far as the operations are concerned as this gimbal is super-easy to use.

Another winning point here is the fact that you are not going to spend a lot of money on this gimbal as it happens to be one of the more affordable offerings in the market, making it an excellent gimbal for almost everyone who wants to get their hands on it.

While the DJI Ronin-SC ends up being a great gimbal, there are a few downsides that are going to come in the way. For starters, the gimbal does put a limit on the camera size as your camera can easily go off-balance. If you are new to gimbals, then it is going to take some time to set up, and the built-in battery cannot really be charged, so that is another point that one must know.

Overall, the DJI Ronin-SC is an excellent gimbal if portability is one thing that you are looking to achieve. On top of that, if you do not want to spend a lot of money, then going for this gimbal is more than a sensible decision as you will end up with an exceptionally made product.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Does not cost a lot of money.
  • Smooth and steady stabilization.
  • One of the lightest gimbals in the market.


  • Limited camera support.
  • Can take some time to set up.
  • The Built-in battery cannot be changed,
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DJI RSC 2 – Best Folding Gimbal

The DJI RSC-2 is an excellent and compact gimbal that folds and delivers great overall performance across the board.

I am talking us close to the end of the list and there are still some exciting offerings that you can get for your Nikon D7500. I do understand the reservations that people might have regarding the camera but trust me, it still is one of the best cameras available in the market and if it is performance you want, the best thing that you can do is pick up a good gimbal.

Speaking of a good gimbal, why don’t you go ahead and look at the DJI RSC 2 as it is one of the finest gimbals available? I recently reviewed it for another camera and was thoroughly impressed by the performance that was delivered by this gimbal, well, it is not going to let you down for a number of reasons and I am going to tell you why I think this makes up for such a great fit.

For starters, the DJI RSC 2 brings a pretty stellar folding design that makes it infinitely easy to carry the gimbal around with the rest of your gear. If you are looking for ways that will minimize the payload while maximizing productivity, this is a great way of getting started.

DJI RSC 2 Gimbal stellar folding design

Not just that, another undeniable thing about this gimbal is that it actually stabilizes the video footage without any issues. The entirety of the result is clean and the output looks excellent, to say the least. You are also getting a long, 14-hour battery life with support for USB charging, so you do not have to worry about not getting a good experience.

One of the things that I do love about this gimbal a lot is the fact that it easily supports full-frame payloads and that too, without any issues that could come in the way.

Another really neat trick the gimbal can pull off is the automatic 360-degree roll which might seem overrated but it actually is pretty nice and looks great, too. Moving further, the gimbal also brings follow focus and a wide range of accessories that you can always use with it.

I do admit that the DJI RSC 2 is an excellent gimbal but there are a few downsides that I have to mention here. For starters, finding the perfect balance might take some getting used to. The mounting plate can end up slipping, and the battery is not user-replaceable. Another thing that I did not like is that if you do want to add advanced features, then you will have to spend some money on add-ons.

Overall, I can safely say that the DJI RSC 2 is definitely a good gimbal; as a matter of fact, it gets almost every job done and not just in an average way. So, you are definitely looking at something that is good and promising, to say the least.


  • The smart folding design is cleverly implemented.
  • Offers excellent and smooth stabilization.
  • Can easily manage full-frame stabilization.
  • 14-hour battery life and USB charging are great.
  • The automatic 360-degree roll is amazing.
  • Follow focus along with other accessories easily available.


  • The battery is not user-replaceable.
  • Advanced features require add-ons.
  • The mountainous place can end up slipping.
  • Setting the perfect balance can be a bit challenging.
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DJI RS2 – Best Gimbal for Filmmakers

The DJI RS2 is an excellent heavy-duty gimbal that can work wonders for all filmmakers as it delivers top-of-the-line performance with ease.

I am finally at the last gimbal for the list and the one thing that I have managed to conclude so far is that aside from the fact that all the gimbals that I have had the pleasure to review are excellent there are some things that set these gimbals apart. For starters, there are gimbals that are built for those who are looking for one-handed operations. At the same time, you are looking at gimbals that are made for portability or the ones that are built for smaller cameras, and then there are gimbals that are made for filmmakers and those who are in need of some serious horsepower.

This is where the DJI RS2 comes into play as it is one of the higher-end gimbals available in the market and caters more to the higher-end spectrum of buyers and well. The performance on this gimbal is certainly promising, to say the least, but is it really worth getting this gimbal over the younger brothers or the more affordable offerings? Let’s have a look.

For starters, despite being a gimbal that is made for filmmakers and other serious work, the DJI RS2 manages to be small and lightweight. I know it might sound like a contradicting situation but in my time with the Ronin RS2, I never really felt like I need to change to something that is lighter or actually rest my arms. Sure, your mileage may vary, but the gimbal does not weigh a lot for an average-sized human.

Moving further, another thing that I do love about his gimbal is that it actually manages to support a pretty decent payload that allows you to bring the proper rig with you on your video shoots without sacrificing anything a lot. A common problem with some of the entry-level gimbals is that cannot hold a lot. The Ronin RS2 can easily hold up to 10 pounds and that is an impressive load for how small it is.

Another thing that I do love about the DJI RS2 or all the DJI gimbals is the setting up process. From the moment you take it out of the box and start putting it together to the moment everything is ready, the process is simple and easy to follow, and the best thing is that there is all the information available for you to get started with.

The DJI RS2 also brings a much-awaited feature in the name of motor-lock which allows the user to lock the motor and balance the gimbal with much more flexibility and ease of access. I do understand that from the looks of it, the feature might look rudimentary at best but actually is one of the best features that you can opt for and works really well, too.

DJI has also made sure that the RS2 actually is packed with features with the improved LCD screen being one of the best things that I had the chance to experience. Sure, it might look like a small oversight but it has made the experience so much better.

I do have a few issues with the otherwise excellent DJI RS2. For starters, the gimbal has a lot of wires and if not managed properly, they look like a mess and for beginners, going through the already-easy setup process might not be easy.

Overall, the DJI RS2 makes up for an excellent gimbal that gets the job done regardless of what camera you have. Whether you are rocking a Nikon D7500 or something higher-end, this gimbal is not going anywhere.


  • Improved LCD screen.
  • The motor looks functional.
  • The setting up process is easy.
  • Lightweight and sturdy carbon build.
  • Comes with decent payload support.


  • Lots of wire to handle.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Although DJI claims that the Ronin-S is not fully compatible with the Nikon D7500, the camera does work just fine and balances as well as stabilizes without any issues.

As good of a camera the Nikon D7500 is, it sadly does not come with image stabilization, hence making a gimbal even more useful.

Based on your requirements, the list has some of the best gimbals that you can use with the Nikon D7500 and other supported cameras, as well.


There you have it, folks. We are finally done with the list of the best gimbals for the Nikon D7500. It was not as tiring as I thought it would be and I managed to squeeze in some really nice offerings along with some underdogs. Needless to say, there are enough offerings for anyone who wants to have enough options to go around with. If you do want to get your hand on something that is good, then this roundup is for you.

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