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The Best Nikon D90 Guide to Get the Most Out of Your Camera

There is no way to overlook the fact that the Nikon D90 happens to be one of the best cameras available on the market and for anyone who is looking for the level best performance from an old camera, this is an excellent choice to go for. A lot of people have no idea about the fact that this camera is still available widely in the market and people have been using it thoroughly because it is so good.

However, being the flagship camera it is, there are a few things that you might have issues with when it comes to understanding and there is nothing really wrong with it. We are here with the Nikon D90 guide so you can have an easier time with the camera and you do not run into any problems, either.

Nikon D90 Guide

Best Settings for the Nikon D90

Now, I do understand that Nikon D90 is a comparatively older camera but that does not mean that it is any less competitive than some of the best cameras out there. As a matter of fact, if you put a good lens on it, you would be all good to go. Speaking of lenses, I previously covered a list of best lenses for the Nikon D90 that you can check, too.

As far as the settings are concerned, I would be very honest here. Considering the stature and the use-case of the Nikon D90, I would always suggest that you are leaving the camera in manual mode. Why manual mode, you ask? Well, the answer behind this is rather simple, you would be able to control all the nooks and crannies of the camera with ease and the best part is that it is not going to be complicated, either.

However, if you want an easier experience, you can put the camera in aperture priority mode, as well. Which will help you to some extent.

Additional settings that I would recommend to everyone is that it is better that you are always shooting in RAW. I do understand that it can be difficult and to some extent, complicated, as well but it is only going to give you a much more cohesive experience overall and the best part is that you can always go ahead and edit your photos, too. Which is a convenient thing, to say the least.

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Nikon D90 ISO Settings

A lot of times, people find themselves in confusion as to what the ISO settings should be on a camera. I do understand that ISO settings can be confusing at best but what I would recommend to everyone is that it is always better that you are keeping the ISO settings as low as possible. Why? Well, you see, the Nikon D90 is a comparatively older camera, which means that it might not be able to handle ISO settings that are higher and go in 4 digits as that is not at all what we want.

As a general rule, I would keep the ISO settings on the lower side so you can have a much better experience going forward.

Nikon D90 Lens Compatibility

A lot of people are going to have a hard time believing this but the lens compatibility is something that can make or break the overall experience. If your camera does not have a good lens compatibility, you might as well sell the camera and start looking to get your hands on something else.

Thankfully, the Nikon D90 uses a standard lens mount and will be able to take all the first party FX and DX lenses that use the Nikon F mount. The F mount in general is considered to be one of the most legendary mounts thanks to the wide support it has for various hardware. If you truly want something that works just fine, this is the way to go.

If you want to use third-party lenses with the Nikon D90, the camera is more than capable of handling those lenses, as well. However, you will need to invest in an adapter but that is about it.

Needless to say, if you are worried that the D90 might not have enough lenses that are supported, then you can rest easy knowing that this is not going to be the case at all.


How to Fix Nikon D90 Mirror Stuck Problem?

Although the Nikon D90 is an excellent camera and that is one thing that we really cannot argue with. However, a lot of the times, people do run into issues where they are not sure about the issue they are facing. For starters, the mirror being stuck is one of the most common errors that happen all the time in the Nikon D90 and it can easily worry most people.

Thankfully, the fix to this error is rather simple, to be honest. You simply have to be sure that you are replacing the battery with a fully charged one, and when you turn on the camera, you will be presented with an error message. At that point, press down the shutter button and the mirror should move to the default position.

However, if that does not work, then you will need to lubricate the shutter/mirror cocking mechanism that can be found under the floor plate of the camera. Once you remove the floor plate, you will see a red wheel visible through the cutout. Putting a drop or two of grease should do the trick and release the mirror mechanism. The best thing that you can use is white lithium as that will get the job just done.

Be sure that you are applying the lubricant on a toothpick and not directly spraying onto the wheel as that can cause the liquid to reach the places where it should not go.

If the above mentioned methods are not helping, I would highly suggest that you take your camera to a Nikon service center.

Why is Your Nikon D90 Not Turning On?

Another really common issue that I have seen in the Nikon D90 is related to the camera not turning on at all. I know this might sound like a strange thing but this issue can happen because of countless reasons, to be honest. Your camera might be out of battery, the battery itself might have run out completely, or there might be some other issue.

The best thing to deal with this situation is to be sure that you are fully charging your camera and once you have charged your camera, if it still does not turn on or even show signs of charging, use a new battery and if the issue persists, then take the camera to a service center.

How Do You Fix the Err on a Nikon D90?

If you are using the Nikon D90 or some other DSLR, for that matter, one of the most common errors that you can run into is the ”Err” blinking code that shows up on the top screen of the camera. As someone who has experienced this error before, it is sure to freak out everyone but I can assure you that if you are looking at this error, there is no need to freak out.

  • Remove the lens.
  • Clean the contacts that connect the lens to the camera body; these contacts can be found on the camera as well as the lens itself.
  • Make sure you are using a microfiber piece of cloth and nothing else.
  • Once the contacts on both ends are cleaned, put the lens back on and turn on the camera.

The error should be gone now, and you will not have to worry about anything.

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Why is my Nikon Flash Not Working?

The last issue that I am going to talk about is the flash on the Nikon D90. This is something that happens all the time and to be honest, the more you are trying to sort it out, the better it would be. For those wondering just why the flash on the Nikon D90 is not working, the answer is simple. Over the time, the camera flash mechanism can end up gathering dust in the hole, this can affect the sensor trying to enable the flash.

The best way out of this is to clean everything the right way so you do not end up running into further issues because it is always better to avoid such problems, in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for those wondering, the Nikon D90 is indeed a professional camera and although it is old, it still manages to deliver some excellent photos through and through.

Using the Nikon D90 is not at all complicated as it stands to be one of the easiest cameras to use. I would suggest that you use the camera in manual mode or aperture priority mode for the best experience.


I do understand that for someone who is just getting into photography, the whole aspect of using the Nikon D90 might be a confusing one. However, we are here to help you have a better understanding of an excellent camera that more or less put Nikon where they are today.

If you have been having difficulties setting up the camera, the best thing to do is just go through this guide and you are all good to go.

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