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Sony A7III Autofocus Not Working? Here are all the Possible Fixes

When you are looking at good cameras in the market, the Sony A7III is definitely one of the best cameras that you can look into. Although it was released some time ago, the camera managed to hold up really well over the time and has delivered stellar performance through and through, to a point that we have not run into any issues whatsoever with this, in the first place.

Now, there are times when the Sony A7III autofocus not working issue comes into place, but to be honest, this is something that is not limited to just Sony cameras but a lot of other offerings, too. To be fair, we are going to help you figure out what might be the issue with your camera.

What Causes Autofocuses Issues in a Camera 

If your camera is failing to autofocus, there can be a lot of reasons behind that. Some easily fixable, while others a bit more complicated. However, we are here to help you with the whole situation and you will not have any problems whatsoever. 

1- Lens Issue

Most of the time, the lens is supposed to be a major component in focusing, and if your camera is not focusing the way it is supposed to focus. You should clean out the lens and be sure that you are not letting any dust into the sensor. Additionally, for a quick confirmation, just swap out the lens with something else and see if the focusing issues are still there.

2- Dust on the Sensor

Another common issue that you can run into happens when there is dust on the sensor. Now, cleaning camera sensors is an incredibly difficult task for those who have little to no experience but you can take your camera to a professional camera service center and have them clean the sensor for you.

Dust on the Sensor

3- You May Have Selected the Wrong Autofocus Mode

Another issue that you might be running into that is causing the autofocus to not work the way it is supposed to work is that you may have a different autofocus mode selected, in the first place. You see, every camera has a different set of autofocusing modes and you have to choose the right one based on the requirements you have.

Normally, the autofocus mode is set to the most optimal one but sometimes, you end up changing the settings without being aware of it, and things can be difficult.

4- The Lens Contacts Need to be Cleaned

Since almost all modern lenses come with lens contacts that electronically connect to the camera, and manage communication between both the lens and camera. If there is something wrong with the lens contacts like there is dirt or debris on the contacts, then there is a high chance that the lens is not able to communicate with the camera and therefore, the autofocusing is not working properly.

Lens Need to be Cleaned

5- Damaged Mechanics

Perhaps one of the worst things that you can run into is damaged mechanics. This happens due to several reasons; you can drop the camera or the lens or something else can take place, ruining the overall mechanics of the camera or the lens. The point is that this situation is not as easy as it might look like but you must always keep in mind that if you are running into such issues, it is always better that you are getting your camera and the lens looked at by a professional or else you are going to run into issues.

Prolonging this and not taking care of this issue as soon as possible is going to create more issues and the more you avoid this, the better it will be eventually.

Reasons for Autofocus Issues in Sony A7III

If you are facing autofocusing issues in your Sony A7III, then there are a number of ways you can fix that and to be honest, it is not that difficult. First, I am going to mention some common reasons that you should keep in mind. Let’s have a look.

  • Dirty Autofocusing Sensor: The first thing that you should be looking into is the dirty autofocusing sensor. Now, cleaning the sensor might be difficult, so I would suggest that you take it to a professional.
  • Damaged Lens Contacts: Another thing that you might be running into is dirty or damaged lens contacts. This is an issue that most people run into and it is always better that you are closely looking into it and avoiding such issues.
  • Checking the Lens Itself: Moving further, you need to look into the fact that the lens contacts could also be causing the issues, therefore, you have to be certain that you are going to avoid the situation, altogether.

How to Troubleshoot the Autofocusing Issue on Sony A7III

If you are having autofocusing issues on your Sony A7III, then troubleshooting is not that difficult, to be honest. It can be a difficult ordeal, but following things the right way is going to ensure that you are not running into any issues.

Auto Focus Not Working
  • Changing the Lens: The first thing that you should be doing is changing the lens; this is an excellent way of ensuring that your autofocusing issue is not happening because of a malfunctioned lens.
  • Getting the Sensor Cleaned: Another tip that I would give to you is that you should get the sensor cleaned. There are a lot of professionals who will more than assist you in cleaning the sensor and it is not going to be a problem at all. If you are feeling like there is an issue with the camera sensor, then getting it cleaned is the best way.
  • Checking the Autofocusing Mode: You will also have to look into the autofocusing mode and see if you can figure something out. Autofocusing mode is something that can be changed and that too, without knowing. If you are looking to get things sorted, it is better that you are looking into that, as well.


Running into autofocusing issues can be a nuisance and can definitely indicate something way more serious with the camera. However, if you have been taking care of your camera normally, then it should not be an alarming issue that requires extensive repair, in the first place.

Thankfully, you would be happy to know that fixing the Sony A7III autofocus not working issue is not at all complicated and you can easily get things done without having to stress a lot about it. We have covered all the bases that needed to be covered and provided with all the appropriate solutions so you could be out of the woods. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Your Sony A7III could be running into autofocusing issues because of all the reasons mentioned in this post.

There are several reasons for autofocus not working on any camera, you can refer to our guide and see what the issue is all about.

You can turn on the autofocus on your Sony A7III by just looking at autofocus settings and finding the mode that you want to turn on.

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