Canon vs Nikon for Beginners

Canon vs Nikon for Beginners – Settling the Debate

It should not surprise anyone that both Canon and Nikon are known for making some solid cameras and if it weren’t for these two companies, the camera industry would not have reached the heights it is today. Yes, I do understand that there are companies like Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and more that are taking the torch forward with their new innovations but Canon and Nikon single-handedly shaped the camera industry.

This is why it is so obvious that we get to see the Canon vs Nikon for beginners comparisons happening all the time, and to be honest, the right way is to be sure that you are looking at all the aspects of it before you go ahead and make a decision as to what you want to pick up.

This article aims to settle the argument for those who are still not sure which one they should choose.

What are the Main Differences Between Canon and Nikon Cameras?

Now, when you are trying to pick the right camera for you, things can be a little confusing for a lot of people and there is nothing wrong with that, to be honest. The goal here is rather simple, we need to understand the major differences between both Canon and Nikon cameras, and while I do understand that it is not as easy as one might think, you still have to keep that in mind.

Still, we are going to take a look at a few differences that you can check out below.


It is worth noting that this difference is not so much pertinent about the cameras but the lenses that are being used on these cameras.

For starters, almost all Canon lenses, unless specified, are based on an autofocusing system. Which is always great, because you are getting a great overall experience and you will not have to run into any problems, either.

Nikon D850

On the other and, when you are looking at Nikon lenses, not all Nikon lenses have autofocusing feature. Only the lenses that come AF-S branding are going to support autofocusing.

Color Science

Another thing that you must understand is that the color science is the way camera displays colors on an image. I know it might sound like a strange thing but all the cameras should be able to produce a 1:1 image, where the colors look as natural as they possibly can.

Canon Zoom Lens

Canon and Nikon have different color sciences; now the major difference does not mean that one is better than the other. It simply means that the colors produced are different and based on your preference, you might decide to go for something entirely different.

Lens Mounts

Another major and rather obvious difference here is going to be the lens mounts that bother cameras are using. I do understand that this might be something that you are already available but hey, it does not hurt to have more information.

The EF lens mount is perhaps the most common and universally recognized lens mount there is and you can find countless lenses with this lens mount. Rest assured, you really do not have to worry about anything that might go wrong in the process, either.

Canon EOS 6D

On the other hand, Nikon’s F mount is also just as popular but when you are talking about the same level of ubiquity, it is not as good as Canon.

Last but not the least and very, very important, is the fact that both EF and F can be used interchangeably. You will, however, have to use a lens mount to make that happen, or else it will not work.

How is the User Experience on Both Nikon and Canon Cameras

Moving further, we are going to start exploring the overall user experience on both Nikon and Canon cameras, as that is just as important and finding the right answers is extremely important to anyone who is buying a new camera.

You would be more than happy to know that the user experience is a lot more similar, but there are some quirks that you might need to understand beforehand in order to proceed.

Now, both cameras, when it comes to usability, can either be really easy to use or really difficult to use. Why is that the case? Well, you see, anyone who is experienced in the world of photography and has handled a camera the right way, then using any camera from any company is not going to be an issue.

A proper camera enthusiast will easily be able to use whatever camera you hand to them and they will be doing it just fine.

With that out of the way, both Nikon and Canon are known for making cameras for all types of users. You can go for something that is affordable and is meant for the beginners or you can invest in their professional cameras. The choice is yours, and things will make a lot more sense if you just look into it the right way.

How Canon and Nikon Cameras Compare to Each Other

You can look at the table below that should allow you to understand the cameras under a much better light and you will be able to buy the right camera without any complication.

Camera TypesPoint & Shoot/DSLR/MirrorlessPoint & Shoot/DSLR/Mirrorless
Lens MountsEF-M/EF-S/EF/RF/FDF/Z/S/1/
Optical Image StabilizationYes, lens and camera dependentYes, lens and camera dependent
Gimbal SupportYesYes
Interchangeable LensYesYes
3rd Party Lens SupportYesYes
Weather SealingSelect camerasSelect cameras
Level of ExpertiseCamera and use dependentCamera and use dependent

This small but useful table should be able to give you plenty of understanding as to which camera you should pick up. If you are still struggling getting the right answer, then it is important to remember that it all comes down to the personal preference of the user.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Nikon and Canon Cameras

I was initially going to skip this part altogether because it made no sense but it made me realize that needs to be clarified. I cannot really recall the number of times I have been asked if a Canon camera is better than the Nikon or the other way around, or the disadvantages or advantages of these cameras because that is just a question that should not exist.

You see, these camera systems from Canon, Nikon, and let’s just add Sony and the rest of them in the bunch to make it more relevant, are made to ensure that the user has the experience they are looking for.

There are no inherent disadvantages or advantages of these cameras, aside from the fact that one might deliver a color science that could look slightly different than the other and that is about it.

How to Buy the Right Camera For Yourself ?

This is going to help everyone who is in the market looking to get their hands on a new camera. I’m not going to take too much of your time and make it an easy to understand process that will help everyone get what they are looking for.

  • Always Do Your Research: The first thing that I would suggest is that you are always doing your research in the market before you go ahead and pick up the right camera. Without research, you might not be able to pick the camera you are looking for, and that is not what we want.
  • Test the Camera Out if Possible: Another thing that I ca never get enough of telling everyone is that if you are looking to be sure that the camera you are buying is the one that you are going to need. Remember, a camera is not the only thing that makes a photographer. There is a ton of experience, hard work, creative drive, and other similar aspects involved in making you a good photographer.
  • Setting Your Budget: Another thing that I would always suggest is that you are fully certain about the budget that you are going to assign to your camera and your lens, too. Remember, a good lens is always a lot more important than an expensive camera because if you put an average or cheap lens on an expensive camera, the results will make you hate the camera even more.
  • Don’t Forget a Good Lens: You will absolutely need to put down some money for a good lens because without that, you are left without any proper options and that is not what we want. A good lens needs to be something that is able to help you take the type of pictures you want to take, so you can easily go ahead and do that and once you have sorted that out, you will be in a much better position overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the user, to be honest. Almost all the cameras you find in the market have the same set of features that are sometimes, positioned differently.

Any beginner camera regardless of the brand is great for beginners.

Yes, Nikon’s entry level cameras are excellent for beginners and will deliver great performance overall.


If you have been having a hard time choosing the right camera, then don’t worry as we have all been in such a situation and things can be difficult for a lot of people. However, through this article, we aimed to make things easier for everyone.

The purpose here was simple, to be honest. We just wanted to be sure that there are enough offerings for you to choose from and you are picking the right camera, as well. After all, no one would want to get their hands on a camera that is simply not good enough.

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