Challenges of Being a Photographer

Challenges of Being a Photographer – Some Things You Have to Face

Being a photographer is a lot of fun because you get to explore something that you truly love. However, much like other professions and hobbies, there are also challenges associated with being a photographer and honestly, from afar, they might seem like they don’t matter or are not as serious as some of the other challenges but they definitely deserve your attention and we are going to take a look at them in this post.

Thankfully, these challenges are not something that you can never overcome and in this post, we are going to discuss the challenges and how you are going to overcome these. So, let’s look at the challenges of being a photographer.

Challenges of Being a Photographer and How to Overcome Them 

Now, as far as the challenges are concerned, they are really not that hard to understand or pinpoint. They are also subjective, in a way that every photographer will most likely tell you about different challenges that they are facing. We are still going to look into what you need to understand, so let’s not waste time and have a look at what are the most common challenges faced by photographers.

1- Marketing the Business

In the hindsight, it might seem like the easiest thing there is but in reality, marketing your photography business can be a challenge. Sure, marketing has gone offline for a couple of years, but still does not negate all the challenges that can come in the way. Photographers and businesspeople in general have a wide range of marketing tools available at their disposal but the skill and understanding to use these tools is another thing that they need to be sure of.

Professional Photography Equipment

Again, it is not the easiest for a lot of photographers, but you have to invest in it, to be honest. You cannot get away with doing this for free because sooner or later you would want to expand beyond what you are doing and having a name for yourself out in the industry is very important.

The right thing is to be sure that you should use social media as much as possible when it comes to sharing your best work, make connections with new people, and learn more about marketing in general as that will help you a lot.

2- Getting Permissions

Another issue that photographers are often facing is the whole process of getting permissions. Contrary to popular belief, a photographer cannot just go ahead and start taking photos wherever they want. There are certain permissions that they have to get first in order to operate there. I do understand that this might not be something that everyone understand this might not apply to everywhere, either. But in general, it is always suggested that you ask for permission from that area’s administration and be sure that the permission is written and not in verbal as it will only help you even more.

3- Getting a Brief

This is something so many photographers go through and it is a sad situation that a lot of people have little to no idea about what they are doing. You see, when you hire a photographer to cover something, a photographer magically does not get the idea of what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. As a client, they expect you to, and rightfully so, to tell them what needs to be covered during the event. 

Camera Setting for Photography

As a photographer, the best way to tackle this is simply asking your client about their expectations and requirements so you can have a better understanding of what the goal is. This way, you will have the perfect understanding and you will be able to do the job you were hired for with ease.

4- Understanding What Public Liability Is

Whenever you are shooting in a public space, you might have to look into public liability to avoid anything bad from happening. You will have to fill out a lot of documentation just so you can have access to such places, and things can always go wrong. This is something that a lot of photographers tend to stay away from but if you are an urban photographer, I would say that this one thing is something that you should always keep in mind.

With that said, you can easily go for public liability cover that should protect you from such mishaps, and you will not find yourself in troubling situations.

5- Getting Your Equipment Insured

Professional photography equipment can cost you in thousands of dollars and while it might look like something that can easily be replaced, the reality is often different and does not work the same way. The solution? It is best to make sure that you get your equipment insured because damaging these things is not something that you should have to go through.

Get Your Equipment Insured

Thankfully, photographer’s insurance is always a thing and you can just go ahead and make the most of it without any issues that might otherwise plague your experience.

6- Physical Challenges 

I know this is going to sound strange to a lot of people but when you are getting into photography, you will soon realise that there is a lot of leg work involved. In such cases, you can often develop issues related to your body, especially when it comes your back all thanks to the heavy equipment that you will have to lug around. Which is not really a bad thing.

The solution is that you either only carry the equipment that you need to. However, if you feel like you are going to need a lot of equipment with you, you can hire an assistant as well if you wish to, and that should make things easier to some extent but then again, with this comes the whole idea of affordability.

7- Which Clients to Go with and Which Clients to Avoid

Another challenge almost all the photographers face is the influx of clients that they have to deal with. While this certainly is a good thing, this often leads to confusion because one becomes unsure about what client they should go with and what client they should avoid.

Understanding the Camera Setting

So, how do you overcome this challenge? Well, it is not as confusing. It is ideally suggest that you are working with clients that have their creative ideas aligned with yours. That way, you will not feel like you are working for someone who is too demanding, and the job will be done in absolutely no time. This is a winning recipe that always works.


Being a photographer is definitely not something that is easy for a lot of people. Sure, it is a lot of fun but in reality, there are several challenges associated to it that makes it difficult for people to understand these things. The more you know, the better, of course.

With that said, it is always better that you are fully aware of the challenges associated with photography and more importantly, you know how to overcome these challenges because doing so will make life easier for you as a photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Honestly, there aren’t any major disadvantages of being a photographer but one thing for sure is that it does take some time getting used to the idea of it and sometimes you have to work with clients that are not so clear about what they want.

There are a lot of things that can end up being stressful about photographer. As photographers, we work in creative field and our ideas of creativity might not align to the idea of other people. Plus, there can be some other creative issues as well.

Challenging yourself as a photographer is not really a difficult job. If you are looking to learn, you can always try to become better at your job and slowly, you will be able to take the type of photos you want.

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